~ Mr. Charles G. "Git" Shepherd ~

Gitaw and Myrtle lived in a comfortable bungalow across the street from Winona Lake in Warsaw, In.
Git and Myrtle loved flowers. Git built many homes in this area of
 Warsaw and played the role of 'landlord' for many years before
 selling the properties in his later years. He loved to walk across
 the street and catch a mess of bluegill for dinner.
 Now that's what I call livin'!

Common law spouse Myrtle Craft (left) and Molly Howard Shepherd (right) comfort Charles "Guiteau" Shepherd in Warsaw, Indiana

Charles G. Shepherd was named after "Charles J. Guiteau", the man who assassinated President Garfield in 1881. It is said that his mother Molly was fascinated by the name when she first heard it, "it had class and style" and it sounded nice. At any rate, her children's names were unique for the most part and matched their inspiring personalities. 'Git' used to serenade everyone who came to his house by the lake in Warsaw. He'd go over to his case of guitars and banjos, and depending on his mood, he'd pick the right one for the occasion at hand. Before he'd start pickin' however, he'd pull out his tobacco, and his paper, and he'd get that new fangled cigarette rollin' machine out and roll him a smoke. Then it was time for a playin' and a dancin'. Boy oh boy, could he ever pick a tune...and he'd play on, and on, and on, just as long as you were willing to shuffle your feet..."Get to scottin' little one's, get to scootin'," that's what he'd say!


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